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Ibisco Limited

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Ibisco is a provider of Business Consultancy & eSolutions


What makes Ibisco different?  We hope you will spend some time with us to find out.


@ Ibisco, we are committed to providing services to support the whole spectrum of information management and technology management/implementation requirements.


Our value propositions are;


To provide our customers with resilient, scaleable and future proof business information applications and the associated infrastructure and processes to support those applications.  We are NOT an information technology company by definition but an information management company that will normally employ technology as a solution to information management requirements - a subtle but important distinction.


To provide technology solutions, where necessary, that are economically manageable.  Economically manageable solutions can only be achieved by deploying configurations that are scaleable, resilient and future proofed - the same requirements as those of the business information applications that the technology solutions may be required to support.







Ibisco is now offering BroadBand solutions.  Follow here for further details.



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